How to Rectify Common Lexus GS300 Issues?

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Lexus GS300 is Japanese luxury car equipped with advanced technologies, engine, and other comforts. As years passed and models changed looking for specific replacement parts has become difficult. However, you can review the Lexus GS300 Factory Service Manual to identify … Continued

How to Book a Multi-Stop Flight

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There are several variations on how to book multi-stop flights. The circumstances of the flight will determine the best configuration. An open-jaw flight flies from one city to another with a return from a third city. This kind of flight … Continued

Staycations Save More Than Money

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In 2010, we traveled with our four children to a beach location and, yes, we have photos of sun-kissed children and gorgeous tropical sunsets to help us remember our vacation. What the photos don’t show, though, is all the work … Continued

How to Become a Corporate Travel Agent

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Corporate travel agents make travel plans for employees of corporate organizations and other business travelers. They must be knowledgeable about corporate travel management practices and possess a superb understanding of the global travel industry. A career as a corporate travel … Continued

How to Avoid Vacation Rental Scams

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Be cautious when searching the Internet for a vacation rental so that you will not become a scam victim. Advantages to legitimate vacation rentals can be more space for less money, fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms and more pet-friendly policies, … Continued

What Is Travel Management?

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Travel management encompasses a wide variety of business travel services for companies. In contrast to a standard travel agency that only handles hotel and flight or ground travel reservations, travel management companies offer comprehensive management services to companies covering everything … Continued

How to Trade for Vacation Home Rentals

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Think you have to spend a fortune on hotels accommodations for your next vacation? Think again. There are several options for people willing to swap homes or vacation rentals for free. And almost anyone can participate in a home swap. … Continued

Job Description of a Corporate Travel Manager

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A corporate travel manager is responsible for planning trips for other members of the company. Travel managers must be familiar with the operations and schedules of modes of transportation such as airlines and passenger trains in their home country and … Continued

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